The Best-Value Low-Code Platform


AgilePoint NX is a top-five low-code platform and lets you build web and mobile apps up to ten times faster than hand coding. AgilePoint NX is easy to learn and use, and it’s also easy to own, given pricing and licensing options that will work for virtually any enterprise. Find out today why value-conscious organisations of every size are choosing AgilePoint NX for custom software development.

Where can you use AgilePoint NX?

AgilePoint NX, can bridge your existing applications, data, content and allow call-center people to give a better, faster and more accurate support to your clients. You can streamline the support processes by using top-notch workflows. More happy customers at the end if what counts.

Support your sales-people by giving them a better view and support on their sales processes. Bridge your Salesforce or MS CRM data with other legacy systems. Automatic react to events, leads or opportunities by defining accurate workflow processes and forms.

Manage your (paper) documents with One App. One Solution. Define easy forms and workflows for any kind of automation. If you're using SharePoint or a custom DMS. AgilePoint NX, warps them for easy (Mobile) Access. Approvals flows can be managed now without need for any kind of coding.