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We understand the challenges agencies are facing today, reduced budgets, due to the economic downturn has made managing the deficit a much greater priority. New revenue generation/optimisation opportunities must be identified through cost containment, fraud management, productivity gains and economic development. Ensuring services are effectively meeting citizen needs and expectations has become more difficult due to budget constraints. The government is more closely scrutinising compliance and regulatory reporting on funded programs, with severe sanctions if deadlines are missed.

AgilePoint has seen many public-sector agencies implement innovative and highly successful new ways to promote positive change. It starts with having trust in your data, and making consistent and accurate information available to every user, tailored based on their specific role, you need to more effectively communicate what your organisation's goals and strategic metrics are, so your staff understands what is expected of them and how their individual work will impact the overall team's success, whether you're trying to reduce spending, increase productivity, or reach some other important goal, you can leverage management with real-time updates on metric accomplishments, to demonstrate objectives and progress to your entire user community. Transparency and accountability into how your organisation is spending taxpayer money, with information and data, will foster stronger citizen relations by allowing them to see the direct impact of the taxes they pay on their communities. Deploying fraud detection and management solutions will help your investigators more efficiently identify patterns of abuse.

AgilePoint NX integration platform can help your agency by increasing transparency, accountability, and performance with certified performance management tools that can support secure, scalable public-facing extranet applications. Improving service delivery, and asset, labour, and resource utilisation by enabling your end users to leverage our platform to make their own data-driven decisions to manage employees, assets, and infrastructure. Reducing fraud, waste, and abuse, and automating compliance reporting across health insurance, human and social services, tax and revenue, labour, and unemployment with dynamic fraud detection and prevention tools


We understand the healthcare industry is undergoing drastic changes due to healthcare reform, competitive pressures, and shifting demographics. These changes are dramatically increasing the need to integrate, share, analyse, and act upon the information that currently exists in your siloed systems.

The success of the UK healthcare system is dependent upon the simultaneous pursuit of three aims – enhancing the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita healthcare costs. While these broad goals remain consistent for healthcare organisations, the specific operational initiatives required to achieve those objectives will constantly change and become increasingly complex. Core competency in these areas is fundamental to your ability to support new business models, respond to change, and remain competitive

Embracing data-driven decision-making is the fundamental way to promote a culture of continuous, yet agile, process and performance improvement, so you can promptly respond to rapidly evolving competitive, regulatory and cost pressures. With the advent of electronic medical records (EMRs), there are literally thousands of process-level data points associated with care delivery. Understanding how to optimise decisions and adherence at the process level to impact outcomes, safety, and costs is the key to healthcare transformation.

For example, data and analytics can be leveraged to determine how improving patient flow in the emergency department can reduce LWBS and ultimately boost inpatient revenue. Taking this to a more granular process level can help your staff understand how improving turnaround times on lab results could speed up ED patients being admitted or discharged to free up a bed.

Such data-driven approaches will support collaborative decisions that optimise effectiveness and efficiency across all functional domains, both at a micro level (patient, episode, care giver, protocol, care setting, and morbidity) and at a macro level (across patient cohorts, episodes, care settings, co-morbidities, and alternative protocols). This in turn promotes better, more informed decision-making. For example, selecting treatment plans based on comparative effectiveness information facilitates the transformation to integrated care.

Healthcare data can also be made available on demand. This comprehensive view of patient activity can include demographics, allergies, medications, and medical histories, as well as information related to capacity, access, activity, outcomes, and performance.

Only AgilePoint provides the needed integration and capabilities to deliver trusted, timely, and complete data to support all types of clinical, operational, and financial decision-making. A flexible, agile, and scalable solution that can be easily configured to meet your specific needs and requirements. Our platform is open and extensible, allowing for organic expansion and growth, lower cost and faster time to market. 


We understand the challenges the retail industry is undergoing; the current economic climate may make for uncertain times. We expect to see upward pressure on costs and downward pressure on margins as the sector factors in changes to exchange rates. The recent business rates review and impact of upward only rent reviews will also play a part too. When forecasting ignore the impact of these at your peril.

Facing challenges like: Managing change, complexity and risk, improving collaboration, cross-functional working and customer experience, thinking outside the box to improve productivity, innovation and competitive advantage, improving efficiency, time and speed of delivery and engaging, retaining and growing talent.

The customer journey will move from being a ‘nice to do’ to being a top priority. Retailers must review and improve the entire customer journey and not just the final mile. Every touchpoint has to be right, the technology used is a key factor that has to be right.

Data-centric businesses with thousands of customers, primarily B2C + B2B environment, data coming from many sources (i.e. multiple customer systems, network, third parties), real-time information is important. Margins are smaller than ever as commoditisation continues to erode value, facing pressure to innovate and come up with new products and services. Supply chain leakage is common, but you’re not sure where you have issues

In today's world, reporting and analysis are expected components of your customer and partner relationships. Static, manual, dated, and cumbersome reports are no longer the answer and the need for clean, accurate, unified data is stronger than ever.

There is a new way to address this challenge, AgilePoint Low-Code platform using the same kind of technology you use internally to run and optimise your business information systems. By making applications as easy to use as consumer applications, you can change the behaviour of customers and partners and make a dramatic impact on decision-making and life choices in almost every industry.

The critical success factors for these kinds of external-facing applications are: Access to relevant, timely, reliable data from disparate internal and external systems, more than just single-source, static information. Consistent, accurate data, information you can bank on. Ease of development and maintenance, no custom coding. Convenient accessibility, web, mobile access. Model that allows you to deploy to everyone, employees, customers, partners, prospects, citizens, low cost per user. Ease of use; easily branded experience, drives adoption and satisfaction, drives higher ROI. Consistent, responsive performance, scalability and security

AgilePoint NX provides a platform that is uniquely suited for customer-facing applications, incorporating information from all of your back-end systems, as well as external applications (partners, social media, etc). Speeding time to value through an integrated application development platform. Our Low-Code platform build apps quickly, and makes them easy to configure, brand, and maintain. Supporting all device platforms. Our "build once, deploy anywhere” approach enables you to create one app and deploy it across all platforms — computers, smartphones or tablets, iOS, Android, Windows, etc., for ubiquitous consumption by all. Providing scalability in terms of both high-performance technology and licensing to serve large numbers of users consistently at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Financial Services

Yearly, your customers are bombarded with thousands of offers of compelling, competitive financial products and services – often too good to be true. To retain them, you are compelled to raise the bar to meet growing or inflated expectations for personalised service, intimacy, and timely and relevant advice. Customer relationship, satisfaction, and loyalty – the basis for cross-sell and lifetime value – rests on the customer experience. How will your online ‘Front Office’ replace the intimacy, timely and relevant advice, and service performance your customers have come to expect?

Unfortunately, these expectations for enhanced customer relationship, marketplace differentiation, and new products and services will not be accompanied by a larger IT budget. Furthermore, 70-80 percent of that budget is already allocated to the maintenance of your existing systems, which are forever, it seems, in need of upgrade or replacement. Where will the funds be found to build the online ‘Front Office’?

As it has for more than two decades, information technology will play a significant role in the solution to these great challenges in financial services. The solution must retain, strengthen and grow the lifetime value of customer relationships and deliver products that clients want and that your competition can’t offer, in order to generate new sources of income and reduce IT spend by delivering more value from the same technology you use to run and optimise your business.

At AgilePoint, we call that solution ‘customer-facing applications’. It is the platform to meet and exceed the operational needs of your business, while at the same time, strengthen customer relationships, differentiating the bank in meaningful ways and generating new income streams for the bank


We see the sheer scale of challenges utility companies are facing today. There are shared issues, such as: Government directives that are driving additional compliance and complexity into your business model. Regulatory pressures to reduce consumption (energy conservation) and smooth demand (demand response). Time of use (TOU) pricing, which is creating customer backlash – how do you deliver and what does the utility/customer value proposition look like? Customer satisfaction levels that need to be significantly increased due to consumer expectation.

Around the world, dramatic changes are occurring in the way people generate and use electricity and gas. Suppliers/distributors must rethink how they do business in order to stay ahead of the curve. Utilities are now facing a difficult challenge. Will you be able to transform into a modern high-tech energy company? Some have already started down that road.

AgilePoint have worked alongside many utility organisations, and have seen first-hand how they have risen to these challenges, it starts with having trust in your data, with consistent and accurate information tailored for each role throughout your user community, the provision of a highly agile and functionally rich customer agent front end designed to optimise first-call resolution. Expansion of mobile and web self-care apps that can be easily accessed by computers and smart devices, an adaptable and easily configurable integration layer that effectively pulls information and knowledge from every core application in the utility enterprise, automatic traps for inaccurate billing data, and intelligent routing of the information to enable timely recovery action, scalability that allows for internal growth from consolidation/acquisition activities, while driving the ability to span external service partners and new customer segments, such as a new large industrial customer.

AgilePoint integration platform is ideal for addressing the three core business drivers for utility advancement:

  • AgilePoint NX is the industry's most comprehensive Low-Code platform, offering easy-to-use performance management capabilities to promote a proactive business culture that helps organisations gain a competitive edge
  •  AgilePoint NX integration platform interoperates with proprietary technologies, supports many database and application adapters, and lay the foundation for a real-time integrated enterprise
  • AgilePoint NX platform enrich, and transform data into relevant, timely, and usable information.

Our proven products help organisations to cut costs, reduce risk, achieve compliance, and improve business performance.