If you’re researching the Low-code application development platforms you have quite a challenge on your hands. The Low-code software market is booming, with over 70 vendors vying for your attention. How do you find the Low-code platform that’s right for your business?

AgilePoint NX - a top-five Low-code software provider

We’re proud to feature as a top-five Low-code software provider according to Forrester’s recent industry report. Our platform AgilePoint NX, has long been considered an elite iBPMS, (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite) and has recently won the prestigious Stratus 2017 award for best “Hybrid Cloud Provider”.

Bridging the business IT divide

The Low-code software market covers a broad spectrum of products, from IT-centric heavy weights that use a visual modelling front-end to generate executable code, to so-called “citizen developer’ tools, that help business users build simple forms and workflows.

The Goldilocks paradox

Getting the balance right between having enough IT governance and enough business-friendliness is no mean feat. In fact the tools favoured by IT and tools favoured by business are seldom the same. Lean too close to IT and you stifle departmental led agility and innovation. Provide too little IT-centric governance and you’ll be on the fast track to chaos, where anyone can create anything – fast but not necessarily right.

AgilePoint NX – getting the balance just right

We like to think we’ve got the balance just right with AgilePoint NX. Empowering business users to innovate, yet including the capabilities that IT value for governance and low ongoing cost of ownership.

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AgilePoint NX provides organizations of any size the ability to create both simple form based apps, and more complex integrated business solutions, up to ten times faster than traditional development methods.



The speed with which new forms, workflows, and business apps can be configured with AgilePoint catalyses digital transformation



Applications built with AgilePoint NX are self-adaptive to system updates and changes in business rules, making sustained digital transformation possible.

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