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Software Robotics Live 2019


Robotics Live

April 2019

Software robotics biedt organisaties de kans om repetitieve handelingen te automatiseren. Software robots nemen hierdoor eenvoudig en routinematig werk uit handen. Dit zorgt voor kostenbesparing, foutreductie, proces optimalisatie en het makkelijk aan elkaar koppelen van IT systemen. Doordat medewerkers zich niet meer bezighouden met eenvoudig en repeterend werk stijgt ook de medewerkerstevredenheid. 

Analisten verwachten een spectaculaire jaarlijkse marktgroei voor RPA-toepassingen van gemiddeld 41 procent.

Steeds meer organisaties omarmen software robotics maar wat is het verschil tussen automatiseren en  robotiseren. Hoe zet je software robots in? Welke processen kun je robotiseren? Hoe kun je processen stroomlijnen en de productiviteit verhogen? Wat zijn de valkuilen? 

Dit congres helpt u om succesvol robotisering toe te passen in de praktijk. Vandaar dat het congres thema dit jaar is: Van hype tot praktijk!


Dit congres richt zich op een hoogwaardige doelgroep van eindgebruikers (managers, senior specialisten, zware beïnvloeders en/of (mede)beslissers in de DMU) die op de hoogte willen blijven van de huidige trends en ontwikkelingen en willen investeren in oplossingen op het gebied van software robotics. Procesmanagers

  • Projectmanagers

  • Innovatiemanagers

  • Business / lijn managers

  • Applicatie en database managers

  • Manager datakwaliteit

  • IT managers

  • IT architecten

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Business Process Transformation 2018

Business Process Transformation

Business Process Transformation 2018 gaat over de impact van de digitale transformatie op bedrijfsprocessen en procesmanagement. Tijdens het congres werpen we een blik op de mogelijkheden en beschikbare technologie om uw bedrijfsprocessen te optimaliseren om uw klant – intern of extern – nu eens écht centraal te kunnen zetten. 

“Je bedrijfsprocessen zijn de basis; het fundament om een organisatie slimmer en sneller te kunnen runnen. Om de hedendaagse klant – zowel intern als extern – te kunnen voorzien in hun hoge verwachtingen is het optimaliseren van de bedrijfsprocessen een belangrijke pijler. Maar hoe kun je dit het beste aanpakken?”

Reden om deel te nemen aan het congres:

Je krijgt antwoord op vragen als…

  • Hoe kun je met behulp van technologie bedrijf(kritische) processen optimaliseren en daarmee klanten beter bedienen?

  • Welke rol kan blockchain spelen met betrekking tot proces management?

  • Raak ik mijn baan kwijt, of kan ik mijn werk beter uitvoeren door de komst van nieuwe technologieën als A.I. en Machine Learning?

  • In contact komen met vakgenoten

Je komt in contact met vakgenoten en ontmoet nieuwe zakelijke contacten…

  1. Tijdens de interactieve sessie vullen we samen de Business Model Canvas (gericht op de bedrijfsprocessen) in. Ga het gesprek aan met vakgenoten en kijk samen  kritisch naar je huidige bedrijfsmodel!

  2. Het middagprogramma staat volledig in het teken van netwerk: tijdens 2 blokken van 7 verschillende dialoogsessies ga je in groepen van 10 personen de diepte in op  verschillende onderwerpen.

  3. Op het netwerkplein faciliteren we extra mogelijkheden om met andere deelnemers in contact te komen. Onze EventManager maakt het eenvoudig mogelijk om gesprekken met elkaar in te plannen en ook onze host maakt graag de juiste match tussen onze aanwezigen!


Dit congres richt zich op een hoogwaardige doelgroep van vakgenoten (eindgebruikers) die op de hoogte willen blijven van de huidige trends en ontwikkelingen en willen investeren in oplossingen op het gebied van procesmanagement.

  • (Business) Proces Managers

  • Business- en/of Data Managers

  • (Business) Informatie Analisten, -Manager en/of -Architecten

  • Change-, Innovatie- en /of Digital Managers

  • Programma- en Project Managers

If you want to join this event please register with Code : 3HDM9GUF

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AgilePoint Partners with UiPath

AgilePoint Partners with UiPath

AgilePoint Partners with UiPath to Offer Robotic Process Automation and Digital Process Automation Enterprise Solutions


Partnership to help accelerate increased profitability and accuracy for companies embracing digital transformation

AgilePoint, a developer of a leading enterprise-class, low-code platform that enables the rapid building of future-proof digital automation apps, today announced it has partnered with UiPath, a leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company. Together they will offer low-code RPA Digital Process Automation (DPA) solutions to help organizations focus on both efficiency and innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

AgilePoint’s NX solution combines all the features and components of RPA, DPA and Business Process Management (BPM) into a single, future-proof digital transformation platform that allows critical business applications to evolve and adapt at the same pace, while it supports trending technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and Internet of Things without the need to learn a single line of code.

UiPath has become the most widely adopted enterprise RPA platform, which enables the rapid design and deployment of software robots (digital workers) that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer service across both back-office and front-office operations.

By working together with UiPath to combine RPA and DPA with AgilePoint’s future-proofing low-code platform, organizations can expect a truly sustainable digital transformation journey that keeps pace with rapid technology advances, while maintaining a core focus on customer satisfaction.

Robotic Process Automation has become a strategic imperative for digital transformation and a path to AI development. According to industry research firm Markets and Markets, RPA and DPA are among the fastest-growing segments of business technology today. The RPA market is estimated to reach $2.46 billion by 2022. UiPath’s RPA does not replace business processes; it allows those processes to be completed much faster by eliminating the need for humans to do them.

“When our two technologies are deployed together, they are the foundation of a powerful platform to enable digital transformation and enable organizations to provide superior customer experiences,” said AgilePoint CEO Jesse Shiah. “Enterprises can now achieve even better value by integrating UiPath’s leading RPA solutions with AgilePoint’s low-code platform to create future-proof, portable, hyper-agile business applications. An app built once can be reused multiple times without incurring costly and repetitive refactoring or rebuilding efforts.”

“We are pleased to have AgilePoint join our UiPath Technology Partner ecosystem. The integration provided by AgilePoint makes it easy for our joint customers to orchestrate and integrate RPA processes leveraging AgilePoint, as part of an end-to-end business process, showcasing the power of UiPath Enterprise RPA and AgilePoint’s Low Code Application platform,” said Dave Marcus, VP Product Strategic Technology Alliances at UiPath.


About AgilePoint

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AgilePoint is a global, growth-stage, revenue generating company delivering disruptive technology to accelerate emerging digital business paradigm through its flagship product AgilePoint NX. AgilePoint NX is the most innovative low-code development platform for building digital automation apps quickly and easily while ensuring future-proof simplicity. AgilePoint has over 2,000 global customers, more than a million users, and customers in 28 nations. See www.agilepoint.com for more information.

About UiPath

Built for both business and IT, UiPath is the leading platform for enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA). More than 1,100 enterprise customers and government agencies use UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform to rapidly deploy software robots that perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations.

With a thriving RPA developer community of more than 120,000 worldwide, UiPath is on a mission to democratize RPA and support a digital business revolution. Based in New York City, UiPath’s presence extends to 14 countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia. The company is backed by $183M in series A & B funding from Accel, CapitalG, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, Credo Ventures, Earlybird’s Digital East Fund and Seedcamp. UiPath’s Series B valuation exceeded $1 billion.

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Agile Amsterdam



Discover how committed we are in offering the most innovative low-to-no-code platform and true agile tool on the planet! Enabling to truly future-proof any organization’s move towards digital transformation. Join us and get the latest insights and skills from Business & Technology leaders and practitioners shaping the future of Business Process Management and Productivity. Immerse yourself with the latest tools, tech, and experiences that matter.

Join us October 5th at the remarkable National Maritime Museum in the center of Amsterdam.

More info : www.agile-amsterdam.com

Agile Amsterdam 2018

Reshaping the future of business with AgilePoint NX

October 5th, 2018 | Amsterdam

Market trends, new technologies, and customer demands are changing faster than ever before… How do you as an organization respond to the opportunities or circumstances as required by the new digital era? How do you empower your teams to achieve their goals, and drive business processes improvement without being restricted by technology?  Welcome to a 'No-Code' era!

As a Business Manager, you are on a continuous quest to realize your business goals, live up to customer’s expectations, enable transformation and strive for process excellence!

Building impactful (business) applications is crucial to stay relevant in this changing business environment. The challenge today: how can you start building applications to suit new workflows or business processes and improve them without any programming knowledge?

As an IT Manager today, your challenge exists in accommodating these needs of ‘The Business’ without stretching more resources and/or strain IT legacy. So how do you empower Business users to turn their ideas into a working business applications themselves? How do you become a more agile organization, prepared to adapt continually to this fast-changing environment?

Join Agile Amsterdam October 5th, discover the possibilities of a Low-to-No-Code Platform for your organization and gain to-the-point answers to the questions above. Unlock the transformational benefits of Rapid Application Development! Enter the 'No-Code' era!

“Our goal is to inspire and empower Business & IT-managers to achieve their goals, without being constrained by technology so they can finally be more responsive to market innovations!”

— Jesse Shiah - CEO & Co Founder AgilePoint

We present Agile Amsterdam

Join #Agile Amsterdam, the launch event of our renewed AgilePoint NX platform, October 5th in Amsterdam. Discover how committed we are in offering the most innovative low-to-no-code platform and true agile tool for your organization!

Agile Amsterdam is an inspirational event, in a casual and entertaining atmosphere for Business- and IT- Managers from around the world. The goal: gain forward-thinking insights, innovative solutions, and actionable plans to realize business transformation with the renewed NX platform as an enabler. Immerse yourself with the latest tools, tech and experiences that matter. Discover the latest updates and ideas directly from industry experts, colleagues and the AgilePoint team.

  • Create meaningful relationships with partners, industry leaders, and Agile experts from around the globe…

  • Get inspired by Vision Keynotes with AgilePoint executives, innovators, and IT experts…

  • Learn about new ways to accelerate digital transformation and to how to be more responsive to market innovation with agile business applications…

  • Align your business with AgilePoint’s new features & possibilities…

Check out the detailed agenda on our website: https://www.agile-amsterdam.com/

Join us! Start transforming your business processes today with AgilePoint, and turn your ideas into a working business application.

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to Dec 31

AgilePoint NX in Gartner iBPMS 2017


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business process transformation congress 2017

Over Het Congres

Tijdens dit congres ontvangt u concrete tips, handvatten en een blik op het gebruik van game-changing technologieën die bijdragen aan Business Proces optimalisatie & transformatie!

Software kan een versnelling brengen in de wereld van digitale transformaties. Waar bedrijven in het verleden veelal intern gericht waren om processen efficiënter te maken, zijn dankzij de digitalisering, nu veel bedrijven bezig om de processen af te stemmen op de klant. Welke service kan jij als bedrijf bieden om het leven van jouw klanten nóg aangenamer te maken?

Vragen die u tijdens dit congres beantwoord krijgt

  • Vooral bestaande en complexe organisaties worstelen met hun flexibiliteit en efficiency in deze snel veranderende wereld, omdat ze te maken hebben met bestaande systemen, organisatiestructuur en cultuur. Procesmanagement is key voor succes bij transformatie en innovatie.
  • Hoe kun je met behulp van technologieën en (digitale) technieken processen implementeren en optimaliseren en daarmee klanten beter bedienen?
  • Hoe kunnen de nieuwste methoden zoals agile werken en design thinking hierbij helpen?
  • En niet te vergeten, hoe krijg je de mensen mee met verandering?


De volgende onderwerpen staan tijdens dit congres centraal:

  • De toekomst van procesmanagement
  • Vernieuwende ‘game-changing’ technologieën
  • Change Management
  • Data & Procesverbeteringen
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