AgilePoint NX Defined

AgilePoint NX is a top-five low-code platform with which you can quickly

build anything from simple eforms and workflows to robust, integrated business applications - all without coding.

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Founded on Process

Our hereditary as a business process management suite means AgilePoint NX includes all the features you need to systematically improve enterprise efficiency via modeling, automating, measuring, and refining processes.


Low-Code to No Code

AgilePoint NX provides a visual drag-drop-and-configure approach to assembling apps from pre-built components. (Rather like Lego®, for business applications.) AgilePoint has pieces and parts that let you assemble almost any kind of app you want.

Integration built in

AgilePoint NX includes an extensive portfolio of connectors and adaptors, that massively reduce the time, cost and complexity of building and maintaining integrated business applications that combine SharePoint, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and any number of other systems.



If and when you require, you can extend AgilePoint NX’s prebuilt functionality, using industry standard technologies, such as Microsoft’s .NET framework and HTML5/JavaScript.

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Best BPMS for Salesforce

The AgilePoint NX App for Salesforce is blazing fast and highly secure as its native Salesforce code. So if you want to extend Salesforce with leading BPM capability that integrates with all your in-house or Cloud based systems, look no further than AgilePoint NX.


Truly Responsive

AgilePoint NX’s model-driven architecture provides the greatest possible agility, meaning apps can adapt at run-time, and you can dynamically roll-out improvements without waiting on lengthy deployment processes.

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The Best-Value Low-Code Platform

AgilePoint NX is the best-value low-code platform on the market, allowing you to quickly build anything from simple eforms and workflows to complex, multi-tenant SaaS apps, IoT apps, and composite LOB systems without writing code and at a price almost any enterprise can afford. And you get all of that amazing capability with small up-front investment and little long-term commitment.