Overcoming SharePoint Chaos

According to aiim’s research only 11% of SharePoint projects are completed successfully, roughly two-thirds of SharePoint installations are somewhat stalled, and 46% are not connected to other systems or repositories.


Impose Order

What’s needed is a way to impose order, to convert InfoPath forms and SharePoint workflow to future-proof software assets that will run on any version of SharePoint, including Office 365. That way all your SharePoint farms can be upgraded to the latest version, when you want. Or, you can migrate directly to Office 365. Order is easy with AgilePoint NX.

Master complexity with simplicity

AgilePoint NX solves your SharePoint problems once and for all, allowing you to build forms and workflows that incorporate all of your Microsoft products and extend to all of your other on-premises applications, systems, and cloud services. Best of all, AgilePoint NX’s award-winning user interface makes it easy to learn and use.


Considering a change to your SharePoint workflow strategy?


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Here are six questions you should consider before making a move

Before you change your SharePoint/Office 365 workflow strategy, ask yourself these six questions …

  • Should you consider a SharePoint workflow extension?
  • Should you make the jump to an enterprise BPMS?
  • What's the connection between BPMS and WSF/WM 1.0?
  • Will your SharePoint apps need to be embedded in other systems?
  • Are you considering a move to SharePoint Online/Office 365?
  • Is it time to stop throwing good money after bad?

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